Why be a GYDR?


There are many reasons to become a Pictoura GYDR. GYDR’s are relaxed and fun individuals who enjoy sharing their passions knowledge and experience with others. GYDRs guide travelers along wonderful pathways of discovery whether it’s to a local haunt or a cultural treasure that they know about. An experienced GYDR is always an asset to a traveler. GYDRs enjoy accompanying the traveler based on mutual interests or can lead a traveler to a setting where there is something fascinating for them to discover that enriches the travel experience.

Control Your Own Schedule: You can live your life to the fullest and work on your own terms. You can manage your own tour schedule. There is no reason to be chained to a desk when the sun is shining through your window. Become a GYDR tour advisor and enjoy the whole world.

Earn More Income: Set your own rates and adjust them as you learn what the market expects, with no one looking over your shoulder. GYDR tour advisors control their own rate scale. Fair and honest practices will fill your schedule book with clients.

Be Your Own Boss: Have you always dreamt about being in control of your own life? Well now you can be! You can select your clients based on their interests and your abilities. You don’t have to worry about making your boss happy anymore — just yourself and your chosen travelers.

Create Your Own Tours Based on Your Interests and Knowledge: Share your passions. Show people what you love and why you love it. The more enthusiastic you are about a place or topic the more interesting your tour will be, and the more fun it will be for your travelers

You Get to Have Fun and Do What You Love on a Daily Basis: Look forward to going to work each day. The whole point of being a Pictoura GYDR is to meet and spend time with travelers and have fun! If you’re the outdoor type, take them hiking  to your favorite mountain top and show them a unique view that they will remember forever. Be adventuresome and let your imagination run wild.

Expand Your Customer Reach:  If you are already a tour guide, agent or tour operator, we’d love to help you improve your bottom line.  Use us to access travelers from anywhere and everywhere in the world. We will also post your reviews. That will make it easier for potential clients to know why they should choose you to help them have a special travel experience.