What is a GYDR?

A GYDR designation is descriptive of travel advisors who use their interests and abilities to help others enjoy unique, memorable experiences when learning about a destination community’s history, traditions and culture.

Are you a responsible person; a reasonable person who, because you live in an apartment and don’t own a car, sees the sharing economy passing you by?  There is an opportunity for people like you to become part of a self propelled, self organized work force with excellent earning potential and control of your own schedule. You can join with us and become a Pictoura GYDR Travel Advisor.

The Pictoura GYDR concept is about creating opportunity for people who enjoy their environment, have good people skills and have the time to engage in a business model created by a new company formed to expand on the Airbnb and Uber concept.  

We connect our travelers with a local GYDR Tour Advisor based upon mutual travel interests and tour offerings.  Our GYDR’s and travelers have access to Pictoura’s wide array of digital tools that are designed to enhance the tour experience. Today, entrepreneurial home-based travel counselors and advisors make up more than half of the current travel agency distribution system. The Pictoura platform provides its GYDR Tour Advisors with robust digital business support and a marketing and resource platform that helps them to do quality work while empowering them to earn.