How to Use Pictoura

There is much potential to be explored and simple easy paths you can take when using Pictoura as the seamless coordinator of your Travel experiences. Follow the 10 steps listed below or you can choose your own path through Pictoura’s options.

Step 1:   Close your eyes and dream.

Step 2:   Start creating a travel wish list and save it to expand later.

Step 3:   Look at other citizen travel logs.

Step 4:   Think about what interests you. Use to access the World Gallery of images

Step 5:    Browse through pictures, videos, symbols and text.

Step 6:    Communicate with a GYDR based upon mutual interests.

Step 7:    Get prepared for your trip properly with the help of your on site GYDR.

Step 8:    Have a life-changing travel experience!

Step 9:    Let Pictoura’s social media links help you share your adventures every day you are away.

Step 10:  Preserve and archive your travel memories in a format Pictoura provides that can be turned into a custom printed book in a few clicks.