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About the Project

Our mission is simple:  to create an environment filled with everything our Pictoura Travelers need to plan, book, and share, the experiences, events, people, routes, and memories of travel that shape their lives.  We connect our travelers with a local GYDR based upon mutual travel interests and tour offerings.  Our GYDR’s and travelers have access to Pictoura’s wide array of digital tools that are designed to enhance the tour experience.  Pictoura’s GYDRs have been called, “Professional or Local Citizen Guides”, “Travel Agents”, “Tour Operators”, “Travel Concierges”, or “Travel Planners.” Today, entrepreneurial home-based travel counselors and advisors make up more than half of the current travel agency distribution system. The Pictoura platform provides its GYDRs with robust digital business support and a marketing  and resource platform that helps them to do quality work while empowering them to earn.

Why be a Pictoura traveler?  Pictoura travelers are people who crave a genuine travel adventure that is as much fun to plan as it is to experience. They want a vacation that is joyful in all its stages, from booking to touring to sharing their insights and memories when they return. They are people just like you. We provide our travelers with the tools they need to plan, book and share their adventures and an opportunity to have a one to one relationship with an experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic local GYDR.

The Pictoura GYDR business model takes advantage of the best of the proven, scaleable digital models used by the leaders of the format such as UBER and AirBNB. We worked to insure that our interface makes it easy to browse, plan and book tour components and the GYDRs that can facilitate the adventure for the traveler. For our GYDRs we provide a robust business platform that insures competitive advantage within the massive and fragmented universe of the travel industry.  

PICTOURA is a Big Data business. The data that is generated by PICTOURA is the type of information most highly sought in the travel industry.  This PICTOURA platform easily enables users to distribute, add, share, and create editorial content with the use of text, photos and videos.  PICTOURA’s underlying proprietary data management platform provides a highly targeted matching engine for travelers and GYDRs.  As travelers create their travel wish list they are matched to GYDRs who can fulfill those dreams.